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Martin Saull - 2019

Martin Saull is a printmaker and master printer who has made a significant contribution to printmaking, both in the production and promotion of original fine prints. He has worked on major projects, and in collaboration with many Artists, as well as producing his own recognisable graphics.

Starting at Southampton college of art (1974-79), he moved to London to complete his printmaking specialism with a one year post-graduate in advanced printmaking (1979-80) remaining in London and using the technical side of his training, Martin’s first appointment was to the printing team working full-time on the historic project, Bank’s florilegium (1980-86). Building on this experience other projects followed, and with the establishment of his own printing studio, his collaborations have been wide ranging, alongside a return to Art college as a part-time tutor (1987-2000) To date, the studio continues to provide a full-time technical service to the printmaking world.

Martin’s own graphics have explored the whole spectrum of printmaking processes, and favourite subject matter include industry, city life, and landscape. In recent years he has concentrated on woodcut and his own hybrid process for printing them.

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