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Sandra Berti - 2024

Born in 1958 in Hertfordshire, I originally trained as a PA and spent many years working for a Pharmaceutical Company, then a Solicitor's Office. Later in life, after always being creative, followed my heart, achieving a Degree in 2-Dimensional Design at The University of Hertfordshire. I recently emerged as a professional artist and work from my Studio Loft in Kimpton.

Home is a simple Greek Style which is reflected in my work as is the love of the mediterranean kitchen style garden. I Love being immersed in nature having spent my whole life cross country running which brings me joy.

The feel and style of my work reflects how I like to live, just the simple life. Often working on several paintings at one time, layers of colour paint textures are built up, then unearthed with mark making. The odd piece of collage can also be added. Always looking for that abstract connection with blotches & tokens. Expecting nothing grand, just a simple naive composition of flattened shapes often overlaying distressed backgrounds. I am inspired by Artists Jean Michelle-Basquiat for his graffiti style, Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour and Barbara Hepworth for her minimalist sculptures. My work sells to individual collectors in the UK and Internationally, plus Interior Designers.

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