Information for Artists

Please note registrations for the 2022 show are now closed.  If you have missed the deadline, please do come along to this year’s Show to get a feel for the work on display – and please do introduce yourself to us!  We will hopefully see you in 2023.

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New Artists

If you are a new artist to the show and would like to find out more about entering the 2022 Art Show please complete the pre-registration form. We ask that you tell us a little about yourself and send photos of three pieces of your art work.  We will then contact you within 48 hours.  Alternatively do come along in June and get a feel for our Show.

As you will appreciate we are often heavily oversubscribed for framed art so we might ask you to enter unframed work; we have a very strong reputation for this and it may prove beneficial to you. If invited you may exhibit up to 8 unframed items. Note also that artists’ greeting cards may be supplied: 20 cards counts as 1 item and you can enter up to 4 designs.

All Artists

Here are the basic details for all artists. Please also read the full Terms and Conditions.

  1. Paintings will not be accepted if they have been exhibited within a 20 mile radius of Ayot St Lawrence.
  2. Artists may exhibit no more than 3 framed paintings (or 4 if one of them is of the local area); if, however, you have exhibited with us before and we know that your work has proved popular, we may waive this condition. Please be sure to read our updated Terms and Conditions for size guidelines: note that we have introduced an upper size restriction as we have limited hanging space.
  3. The current entry fees range from £4 to £7 per framed work, and £2 per unframed work.  Please note that we do reserve the right to refuse paintings! The deadline for entries is Sunday 8th May 2022; contact us if you have special circumstances that make that tricky.
  4. All entries must be delivered to us on the Sunday preceding the weekend of the Art Show, Sunday 12th June between 2 and 4pm, and collected on the final Monday of the Show, 20th June between 4 and 6.30pm. Please note that we do not accept liability for paintings stored in the Church, although the Church is locked out of hours.  Please see our full Terms and Conditions.
  5. We charge a commission of 25% on the sale price, and will aim to transfer the proceeds of any sale to you within 3 weeks of the end of the Show, hopefully more quickly. We would appreciate your bank details so we can do this by direct bank transfer.  If you have a problem with this form of payment, we can pay you by cheque but this will take longer.
  6. We do not accept digital reproductions (with the exception of greeting cards) although we do accept original prints.  A print is termed “original” if the artist of the design has worked on the printing element themselves or has directly supervised the process.
  7. We suggest that you do not enter paintings with metallic or overly ornate frames.  Other than the black or very dark frames chosen to complement pictures or where an artist always uses a particular frame type and colour, buyers generally prefer simple white or neutral frames.

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