Peter Waine - 2021

Peter Waine is a Hertfordshire artist and writer who cares passionately for the countryside. He has been national chairman of CPRE (Campaign to Protect Rural England), and also a former chairman of the Tree Council and of the National Fruit Collection at Brogdale, in addition to being a trustee of Red List Revival and a director of Julia Bradbury's Outdoor Guide.

Peter was a judge on the Wainwright Literary Prize which celebrates the best books about nature and UK travel. He is on the board of The Gardens Trust, the statutory consultee for registered parks and gardens. Recently he has been chairman of the Welwyn Garden Centenary Foundation. He is co-author of 22 Ideas That Saved The English Countryside, an acknowledged work on the campaigns that helped to protect the English countryside over the last 150 years; author of As I Go A Wandering, a book on the countryside with poetry by him and pictures he painted. His paintings are inspired by countryside and wildlife. His current focus is animals and birds as portraits, capturing their unique characters.

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