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Kathy Evershed - 2019

Born in 1974, Kathy grew up in Japan where her parents worked as Missionaries. The striking Japanese landscape combined with the extraordinarily rich culture, with its dedication to detail, have greatly inspired Kathy’s creative life.

Kathy paints with oil paint on wooden boards, that are first primed in black allowing her to combine the two artistic styles that she is most drawn to: Impressionism and Japanese Ink painting. Using the paint straight from the tube, Kathy is unashamedly extravagant with her use of colour. "Colour is why I paint - I choose what to paint based on a combination of colours that have struck me".

Kathy is married with three children and lives and works in St Albans, Hertfordshire where she runs 'ArtShed' a company that she runs with her husband specialising in Art Tuition for children and adults.

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