Katharine Green - 2021

Katharine graduated from Portsmouth University in 1997 with a degree in Illustration. Her interest in printmaking was re-ignited during a visit to the Royal Academy’s Summer exhibition 2013 after having one of her paintings “Female Sparrow Hawk” accepted for the show.

Inspired by the natural world around her, she loves following the seasons and looks to capture the local flora and fauna. Katharine Uses the medium of linocuts to create detailed prints. Most of these are exclusively limited editions. She often finishes her prints by painting with watercolour to give it a sense of individuality, but also uses the reduction method using one block and gradually carving out each layer after printing each colour. Many of these pieces have been published in books by Mascot Media including “The Illustrated Garden” “Cambridge Original Printmakers” and “Paw Prints” Her work has also been licensed with publisher Green Pebble for reproduction as artist greeting cards and are sold throughout the UK.

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