Diana Sandetskaya - 2021

Diana is a self-taught artist based in Mill Hill, North London. She was born in Russia and moved to London in 2010. In 2017 Diana has become a part of Studio Fridays – weekly studio day for a group of artists working alongside each other in a studio in Whetstone, North London.

Diana is inspired by her own personal, sentimental experiences and is fuelled by an acute existential feeling of an unstoppable flow of time. Her work is a diary of what she has seen and experienced and what she felt was beautiful – visually and emotionally.

More recently, during lockdown, Diana has been exploring and capturing “beauty on our door step” – places in our immediate neighbourhood where we can find incredible beauty and admire forever changing scenery presented by nature, at a time, where there is a limited opportunity for new sensory and visual experiences.

Diana works in oils, and paints in a style that references Realism and Romanticism.

Her work has been shown at solo exhibitions and art fairs in London, as well as group shows in London, Kent and Hertfordshire.

Instagram @dianasandetskaya
email: [email protected]

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