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Andrew King ROI IEA EAGMA - 2021

Andrew King is a painter in oil and watercolour. His landscape work is often produced on location where he works quickly on small oil panels. These sketches often form the basis for his larger studio oils.

Andrew likes to focus on broad skies, so often a feature of his native East Anglia and always approaches his subject in a spontaneous manner; broad sweeps of the brush reflecting the mood and movement of his subject.

His method of approach is to always try to capture the 'essence' of the subject, or the equivalent of a brief moment. He is not drawn to topographical detail, but rather the 'overall' impact of the light and shadow moving across his chosen subject or stretch of landscape. His adopted method of working results from the need to paint extremely quickly in changing weather or light.

The common approach he shares with previous East Anglian 'plein air' painters is seen in his dextrous handling of large areas of paint, and particularly in his treatment of clouds and water.

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