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Amy Pettingill - 2019

Amy Pettingill is a BA Hons. commission artist from Welwyn, Hertfordshire. Back at Ayot St Lawrence for the 8th year running! She has developed her own unique signature style in vibrant and playful acrylic paintings.

She finds colour in everything. A slight hint of lilac in the dullest concrete turns to bright purple. She says “I want each colour to have its moment and guide your eye around the painting. Most of all, like Kandinsky, I want the colours I use to sing and bring joy to the viewer.”

Amy was a graphic designer for many years which seemed to encourage her style with precision and graphic elements. Each year her paintings are evolving and developing, but her paintings are still recognisably hers.

Working as a commission artist since 2002, her portfolio is varied and exciting and shipped internationally. Amy loves the personal touch of working with a client who loves her painting ways. She is flexible and works with ideas to create something unique to brighten and finishing off a wall at home or is often asked to do paintings as a special gift.

In 2017, Amy had her second solo art show ‘Hart Stag’ our beloved Hertfordshire emblem. Running for a successful three months at the Hertford Tourist information Centre, Hertford. This venue still sells her stag prints and cards, PLUS the council licensed four of her stag paintings as imagery to go on tourist gifts for the year; mugs, coasters, placemats and cushion covers.

In 2018, Amy had her third solo show 'Amy's Petting Zoo' for a month at the Radlett Centre. A mixture of all her animals and stags in one room.

With new paintings created annually for Ayot St Lawrence Art Show for the past seven years, plus other pop up Art Exhibitions throughout the year.

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