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Steve Urwin - 2022

Steve lives near Newport Pagnell Buckinghamshire where he has a working art studio in Ousebank House, a listed building in the High St.
He is self taught but also studies the works of the past masters.

After a number of years experiencing new aspects of creativity he has returned to his first love of landscape and seascape paintings.
He is termed a contemporary artist that uses defined methods in the process of his work. Steve believes that art has a strong emotional vibe that can excite and also cause us to consider the life we have been given. He is an advocate of art, knowing the benefits to his own wellbeing and health from an illness 20 years ago.

Steve is irresistibly drawn to colour, shape ,light and space, and his passion for texture has a prominent place in his artwork. He prefers to exhibit his work unframed. Steve's artist heroes are Van Gogh, Hockney, Turner and a hundred others.

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