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Sarah Haskell - 2023

Hera Photography was formally founded by Sarah Haskell in 2019 after years of working as an independent documentary and portrait photographer. Conceived out of her lifelong passion, Sarah’s photography has won awards and recognition throughout the industry, and she is now undertaking post-graduate research in photography.

Sarah is a portrait photographer first and foremost, photography that can provide a very personal and often private glimpse into people’s interiority. She has a number of creative portraiture projects on going in this genre. These include Lenspiration – individual, empowering, photography shoots, for fun, for confidence-building, or just for having as a personal portfolio. There is also ‘Pro-Patria’ where she is using ‘the long look that the static photograph affords’ to explore life as Contemporary Military Veterans, as part of her post-graduate thesis.

Sarah has always loved travel and was fortunate in her previous military career to travel to some rarefied places, camera always packed, but perhaps not always used! Now she has re-settled back into the county where she grew up, but still travels when she can. Both the Hanging and Browser Art reflect her recent travels. Land-and-seascapes from around the UK and beyond, specifically, Mt Denali range and Alaskan Autumn. There is also the odd Hertfordshire Hare in there too, but he was photographed in her garden.

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