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Sarah Haskell - 2022

Hera Photography was founded by Sarah Haskell after years of working as an independent documentary photographer. Borne out of a lifelong passion, Sarah’s photography has won awards and recognition throughout the industry, including the iconic canine-candid pictures ‘You Rang?’ and ‘Not Just For Cats’ that will be on display at the Ayot Art Show. She has travelled extensively throughout this – and her previous military - career, with images in her portfolio from as far as the Falkland Islands, India, Hawaii, to London and Baldock, where she is based now! The penguins are clearly not from Baldock!

Sarah still undertakes documentary photography assignments, and has recently returned from Poland where she documented the Ukrainian Refugee situation. She also particularly enjoys creative food photography, working with a number of health and lifestyle start-ups. Especially enjoyable when you get to sample the cooking!

For more information please contact [email protected].

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