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Sara Button - 2023

Sara creates decorative, vibrant paintings informed by her love of pattern and colour. She is predominantly drawn to the flowers and forms of the natural world; and as a collector of mid-century ceramics and a scourer of charity and antique emporiums, she often includes interesting finds in her paintings.

Working mainly in oils, Sara sometimes adds collage or gold leaf as a detail. Her paintings arise out of close observation as she tries to absorb the beauty and feel of her focus and represent these in a loosely expressive style. Sara loves contrasts and is fascinated with the effect of changing light, the passing of time, exploring spontaneous mark making and rich colour combinations to capture this. She tries to evoke energy and rhythm and describe the inherent patterns in her subject, reflecting her background in textile design. Sara's paintings have an ornamental feel, which she hopes have impact but also draw the viewer in, inviting closer inspection.
Graduating from Farnham with a degree in Fashion/Textiles, Sara subsequently trained in education, teaching both Art and Textiles for over 20 years at secondary level. She has always maintained her own creative discipline, dividing her time between teaching part-time and working in her studio in St Albans. As both a painter and a textile artist, Sara has exhibited in solo and joint shows both nationally and abroad and has demonstrated at events such as the Knitting and Stitching Show and the Festival of Quilts. She is currently a member of the Wynd gallery artist collective, Letchworth.

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