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Sandra Berti - 2022

Sandra is a mature Graduate with a BA(Hons) in 2-Dimensional Design from The University of Hertfordshire, who now works from her Loft Studio in Kimpton, Hertfordshire. Greece, Cornwall and gardens play a big part in her art and over time, just like the seasons, her paintings have evolved into a contemporary rustic ambiguous style which is how she loves to live.

Sandra works by building up layers and textures and flipping into different colour palettes; adding word phrases or a piece of relevant collage if she feels the desire. She is inspired by the Artists Patrick Heron for his bold use of colour and Jean-Michelle Basquiat for his graffiti style.

Sandra's paintings are not forced, they are just what comes naturally from within. Selected for Inch Arts, Altrincham 2022. Exhibiting locally, her work sells to individual collectors in the UK and Europe.

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