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Melanie Harvey - 2022

Melanie was born and grew up in Wheathampstead, Hertfordshire. She then lived locally in Kimpton and Whitwell for some time, knowing the Ayot St. Lawrence area since childhood. She now lives in nearby Bedfordshire.
She is self-taught after years of wanting to paint, but not knowing if she could.
Although enjoying drawing as a child she did not study art, and instead took a more technical path, finding herself in the growing IT industry, However, she has throughout, maintained a passion for nature and the natural beauty surrounding us, so often overlooked in our busy lives.

In her twenties she tried some painting with watercolours then using oil paints, but disheartened through lack of understanding, she gave up. Pressures of everyday life took over, not then realising, that all that what was missing was simply an easel.
She started painting again in August 2017, using acrylics, inspired by an artist friend, and she received kind and generous encouragement from another successful local artist.

Subsequently with the modern technologies available she found Michael James Smith whose photorealistic style was an absolute inspiration.
Following his work and studying his techniques, over a couple of years, she now work primarily in oils, and allows her painting to be more instinctive.

Her portfolio has expanded, encompassing a wide range of subjects. She loves captivating mediaeval European villages and towns, sweeping majestic landscapes, everything animal kingdom, and the changing seasons. Inspired by nature and travel, by childhood memories, and how humans have interacted with their surroundings over the centuries.
She has painted many pet portraits and is available for commission.
Painting primarily simply for the enjoyment, she relishes new challenges and seeks to learn and expand her knowledge of painting. Her curious, intrinsically scientific side has recently been fired up to learn more about the history of pigments and their chemical interactions.

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