Lia Hattersley - 2021

Lia is a landscape artist who works pleinair meaning she’s out in all weathers painting places which have caught her eye when running with her dog. Lia’s professional background and training were in architecture and in design journalism and she has 3 kids. Now that they are older she has made a habit of painting daily and continuously developing her art.
The work on display at Ayot St Lawrence is all oil on board but Lia also works with thin wash acrylics and makes pencil drawings and cardboard cutouts. Changing the materials she uses helps her to look afresh at familiar views and observe patterns and abstractions which aren’t obvious at first glance. For her the focus is always how to represent reality in a personal and sensuous way and it gives Lia a lot of joy to know other people appreciate the passion with which she delivers the beauty she sees in her everyday surroundings.
Lia has developed a local following of collectors around Hertfordshire and has recently been exhibited in several London galleries having been shortlisted for art prizes.
You can follow Lia’s popular and lively Instagram account on @lia_hattersley_artist

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