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Henriette Busch - 2022

Henriette Busch is a contemporary painter and digital artist living and working in St. Albans. After a Fine Art Degree course at the University of Hertfordshire (2003) she has been exhibiting widely all over the UK and also in Berlin (her hometown) in January 2020. Her paintings are in many private collections in the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, USA and Dubai. In the last two years her work has been exhibited in the Mall Galleries as well as in the ING Discerning Eye Exhibition.

Her work is diverse, as her approach can be realistic, semi abstract or purely abstract. She likes experimenting with different subjects and media in her abstract, figurative and digital work. Her figurative work is influenced by landscapes, houses and people, and remembering places she has lived in during her life some of which have had a profound influence on her and inform her art to this day. In her digital work she tries to achieve a transformation of quite ordinary images into something rich and strange, by creating exciting and unique images through juxtaposition which then acquire new and different meanings.

In all her work she tries to create something which is open to interpretation, curiosity and which resonates with the viewer on a personal level.

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