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Heather Miller - 2018

Heather is influenced by light and how it changes our perception of the world around us and the colours we experience. The changing seasons, nature, sunsets and water all provide a rich mine of subjects for her art. She works chiefly in acrylics and acrylic inks which lend themselves to working quickly and expressively with a glorious array of colours.

She is keen to spread the word about the versatile medium of acrylics and demonstrates her working process to art societies around the UK, through Art Profile. She also teaches impressionism workshops regularly throughout the year at the Joe Daisy Studio in Reading.

She has previously exhibited paintings and life drawings at Art Shed, The JoeDaisy Studio, The Maynard Gallery, Gravelly Barn and various art shows. She studied at the Open College of Art and has had many wonderful teachers who have helped and inspired her along the way including the brilliant Caroline Hulse FRSA.

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