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Heather Fitz - 2019

Heather is self taught and has been painting many years; she enjoys painting animals and flowers. Heather has won many awards showing her work in local exhibitions.

My love of painting goes back as far as I can remember, as a child I was always happy doing anything artistic. Like many others, family and work were a priority but I am now able to devote my time to enjoying painting my favourite subjects, animals and especially hares in watercolour.

Hares have captured my heart for years, I love their quirky awkwardness, their large eyes, their ears that are so pronounced and flexible and they make me smile.

I am so lucky to have a wildlife photographer friend Richard Ansell, who will sit for hours waiting for the 'right shot' in the Suffolk countryside.

I also visit Zoos & Animal Parks to get some exciting original shots.

You might see me scrabbling around on the floor trying to capture a 'face on' shot. Animals are renown for being very awkward to photograph, they are either eating, sleeping or very shy.

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