Gillian Flack - 2019

I have painted all my life and have been inspired by the changing light and mood of the countryside I paint. I use the full richness and resonance of oil paint to create my compositions which typify and evoke the tranquillity of our quiet English Landscapes.

Much of my work is inspired by my surroundings in East Bedfordshire, but the opportunities presented by my frequent travels to Europe and beyond have given me a chance to adjust my palate, and present the variations in light so different from the English environment.

I am passionate about painting and seize every opportunity to pick up my paints and 'get out there' for my next project. It is primarily through carefully observed and sensitively handled colour that I produce my work.

The first stage of each painting, the under painting is a contributing factor to the success of the work. Always painting in the field, in England and on the Continent. I am inspired by the effects of light, and the shapes and spaces that these create on the canvas. Always painting at the scene – the open air, corner of a field, or the street are my studio.

I have exhibited in London, at the Mall Gallery with the Society of Women Artists, the Royal Institute of Oil Painters, Bankside Gallery, the Summer Exhibition at the Royal Academy, and local Galleries.

I exhibit at Hertford Art Society each year, and am a Member of the Eagle Gallery in Castle Road, Bedford, where I exhibit every month. Also Bedfordshire Artists Network and Biggleswade Art Society.

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