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Denise Bowser - 2019

I’ve been drawing and painting since I was 5. In spite of my huge interest in art as a child, as time went on, I became a journalist and worked for magazines, newspapers, radio and television. Art, however, has always been part of my life.

I started devoting more time to art about 12 years ago. I feel I am in my element when I paint. I work with acrylics and oils and I also use a range of mixed media. I regard my pieces as a leap into a fascinating world of colours and shapes. I like to use vibrant colours which I attribute to my life experience in sunny South America.

I live in Harpenden and regularly take part in art exhibitions such as Herts Open Studios, Ayot St Lawrence Art show, Harpenden Arts Club Annual exhibition, Maynard Gallery – Welwyn Garden City and Parallax Art in Chelsea/London, among many others. I sell originals and prints.

I hope you enjoy my work!!

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