Clare Cammack - 2021

Clare grew up in St Albans and has always had a passion for drawing and creating. She studied Art at A level and spent a few years in Norfolk where she studied art and design. On returning to live in St Albans she attended life classes part time whilst working and since having children has dedicated more time to her painting and drawing.

Clare’s work is an emotional response to the subject, with no fixed idea at the beginning, seeing the painting or drawing as a journey. Her work develops organically starting with an under painting, building layers, responding to the movement of the paint. Scraping or sanding back, scratching into revealing textures and marks from which abstract images emerge sometimes vague, sometimes with more definition leaving the viewer to explore. Clare usually works on three or four pieces at a time, usually in oils
enjoying the softness of the paint, often mixing on the surface preferring a restrictive pallet. More recently she has gone back to experimenting with under layers in acrylic but still with a limited pallet.

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