Amy Pettingill - 2023

Amy is a commission artist born in Welwyn, Hertfordshire.

Since graduated from De Montfort University in 2005 with a BA Honors in Fine Art, Amy has developed her own unique style in vibrant abstract paintings. Her playful, happy compositions have been compared to one of her favourite artists, Kandinsky.

Throwing colour onto paper from a very early age, her art box with colouring pens, pastels and pencils was her pride of joy growing up. With fond memories of a certain ‘white on white’ still life at school... needless to say what Amy produced was anything but monotone and the start of her colourful ways.

Amy is colour obsessed, a slight hint of lilac in the dullest concrete turns to bright purple. She has the understanding of how every colour has its moment to sing and guide you around the painting. She believes colour is powerful and can influence our mood and bring therapy within. Her aim is for her vibrant pallet to connect and bring joy and positive vibes.

She works by sketching a subject matter, then reducing the sketch to simple lines and shapes and extend areas to form movement and add decorative and fun shapes. Like finding a picture in the clouds, Amy likes that the viewer discovers more each time they look at her paintings.

Amy was a graphic designer for many years which seemed to encourage her style with precision and graphic elements. Her paintings are changing and developing into new ideas but all series are still recognisably hers.

Working as a commission artist since 2002, her portfolio is varied and exciting, with artwork shipped around the UK, Europe and even as far as America and Canada.

She creates new work annually for local galleries; art shows; exhibitions and markets throughout the year. Amy loves the personal touch of working on commissions where a painting is uniquely developed for a special gift or to brighten a wall in the home and compliment an interior space.

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